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Collections & Exhibits

A visit to the Sebastian Area Historical Museum is your opportunity to take a journey into the past. These collections bring to life the rich heritage of our area. The Ais Indians lived here and left behind their shells and pottery which were found and donated. Treasure ships foundered off the coast, and some of the objects that were recovered are exhibited. Implements of the farming and fishing industries that were the mainstays of the early economy are displayed. The rich soil and abundant wildlife provided enormous harvests that were sent north for profit. Reminders of the boats on the waterways, and then later, the railroad that sent these harvests north are here. Pioneer family life can be envisioned here. Come see this rich history!

Main Room:  As you enter, archaeology, Ais Indian relics, shipwreck artifacts, Pelican Island history, photographs, maps, and pioneer fashion unfold. Wall screens display our collections of early photographs.


Doris Jorgensen Family Room:  Visit the pioneer home’s handmade quilts, tablecloths, doilies, clothing, kitchen utensils, jewelry, clocks, and much, much more.


Attic of Our Past:  Many early treasures of all sorts.


Farming, Fishing & Military Room:  The tools of fishermen, farmers and military men are exhibited.


Boats, Cars, Trains & Planes Room:  Pioneer modes of travel are featured here.


Gift Shop:  An eclectic mix of more current items is here, along with books, postcards and gifts for sale. See our gift store


Office:  Reference materials are in the office and may be used by appointment.

All objects in the museum have been acquired by donations from the local public. We will be pleased to receive from you historic objects, photographs, maps or papers that will enhance our exhibits.

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Sebastian Area Historical Society, Inc.

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